Carbon Ocean Yachts was born in response to the large gap in the yachting industry for a truly fast premium quality cruising yacht. Performance, luxury, craftsmanship, safety and a competitive price make up the DNA of Carbon Ocean Yachts.

All of our yachts are made out of carbon fibre, which results in a safe yet very powerful product. Typically our ballast ratio is 45% of the total weight, lighter construction means more acceleration, more power and excellent balance. Time is a precious commodity and a faster yacht increases the distance that can be travelled, expanding the range and scope of your enjoyment.

For owners who enjoy racing, Carbon Ocean Yachts can deliver a yacht that is simple to convert from cruising to racing mode. What is more, through state of the art deck systems our yachts can be sailed with just a handful of people.

It is a common misconception that a faster yacht is uncomfortable. Carbon Ocean Yachts deliver a comfortable ride at speeds others can only aspire to, and our award-winning interiors delivers superb comfort, for long distance cruising.