Rogers yachts design

After 20 years of successful international design there is little doubt that Rogers Yacht Design has now proven itself and earned the respect of the industry. Amongst its team, the drive and enthusiasm has never faltered and still originates from a deep rooted passion and commitment to all things boats! Following a string of successful performance yachts over the years, the Carbon 82 is the latest from the RYD office.

The owners brief for the Carbon 82 was clear from the outset: Beautiful lines, around 82 feet offering two modes: ultimate cruising and ultimate racing.

The Carbon 82 has been designed to race under the IRC rule and takes full advantage of RYD’s commitment to the rule, since the early 90s. The recent introduction of the IMAs (International Maxi Association) Cruiser/Racing Class within IRC, has meant that RYD have been able to design a yacht with the two modes which the owner originally specified. For RYD the greatest design challenge was the optimization of both modes: light for the performance races and the availability of displacement for cruising to ensure the ultimate in luxury comfortable cruising. In the Carbon 82, we believe we have achieved this unique balance.

Always in parallel to the design is the construction and there is little doubt that it had to be of the highest standard and utilize the latest techniques and technologies available. Every individual boat builder now working on the Carbon 82 has had to sign up to the challenges that this new and unique concept presents. Carbon Ocean Yachts have the unique ingredient of passion and the desire to ensure that ultimately they will produce exactly what the owner first visualized and what the designers have designed. We have little doubt that the Carbon 82 in due course will influence the future design direction in the maxi cruiser/racer class.